Quick Update – We are here to help!

Quick Update – We are here to help!

Hi folks

In these stressful times I personally wanted to send a quick email to all our clients, just to let you know we are here for you if we can help in any way.

Our team spent the first couple of weeks of lockdown helping many of you navigate the finance companies- arranging deferred or interest only payments for existing loans.

I must say, I felt all the finance companies we deal with showed true compassion and they were genuinely happy to help and to offer flexibility.  Due to auditing reasons they needed to speak with you themselves; otherwise of course we would have arranged everything for you directly.

But please feel free moving forward to contact us as a first point of contact, and we will do everything for you where we can.

I realise we are still in uncertain times, but I think it is important to remind ourselves that currently most people still DO have their jobs, income and their health plus the support of loved ones. I am not saying the path ahead will not be rocky for any of us – just that we should also be grateful for the positive things we have.

If any of you need to talk, vent or want help budgeting or planning your future, I am only a phone call away.

Jane, Simon and I regard many of our clients as friends (indeed one of the hardest things for me personally with these Covid-19 changes, is no longer offer a hug and kiss when greeting you, lol).

Remember- we are all in this together! We want to all get through this as emotionally strong and financially sound as possible (and if you do know if anyone who does require a loan of any sort, the financiers are all back lending and the team @ The Finance Lady would be grateful for any referral !)

Otherwise, look after yourself!

Nga mihi
Karen, Simon & Jane
The Finance Lady